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Don't let the graphic fool you - these parties aren't just for the ladies. We also offer parties in Wine Lover's theme and Teacher Appreciation parties, where teachers take 10% off! Don't like theme-y parties? That's okay, casual works well for us, too.

You do the fun part - invite your friends over and put out your favorite snacks and drinks. We’ll bring the shopping!

Unlike some parties, if we bring it, you can buy it then and there. We’ll also gladly take your custom orders, either for shipping or delivery on completion. And of course we won't forget our host! You automatically get a free key ring just for inviting us to tag along. Here's what else you can get:

Sales - Value of free gift

    $100 - $25

    $200 - $35

    $300 - $45

    $400 - $55

    $500 - $65

    $600 - $150 (or, essentially, anything we make!)

We'll provide you with printable invites and other goodies to make life a little easier for you. We also make it easy to plan. Book your party date online today! If you have a friend that wants to attend but can't, that's okay; each party will have it's own coupon code assigned before the party. Use the coupon code online by the end of the party and that sale will count toward the host's gift!

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